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skool boy
I walked into the room that was quite to familiar. I put a hand over my eyes the other one secure on my backpack, making sure it didn't fall off my shoulder to the ground. When my eyes gusted I could see the large room ahead of me. one wall was lined with large paned windows and a desk in the front of the room. An old fashion chalkboard was on the wall ahead of me, and in the middle where lines of desks, one after another. Kids sat on the desks, talking to there friends, laughing and talking, reuniting after the long summer. I quickly straightened up my mess uniform, straightening the tie, and tucking in my shirt. I figured it would be better to make a good first impression than the one I made last year, walking in with my shirt unbuttoned, my tie at home, and without any books. Despite my attempts I knew I would never loose the old reputation I had, of being carless and fun. I knew that no matter how hard I tried I would still be the most popular kid, even if I tried desperately not t
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YOUTH GROUP by blackbutlergurl YOUTH GROUP :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 1 22
Mature content
kidnapped last chapter :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 1 0
Mature content
kidnapped 6 :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 1 4
Mature content
kidnapped-5- :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 0 9
Mature content
kidnapped-4- :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 1 0
2012 -2-
We arrive at the airport and get out of the car.  "Get in the plane and be quick about it" I shout.  I jump in the pilot seat and turn the plane on.  "Hold them off Niko!"  Niko jumps out of the plane all bruised and cut up with dirt all over.  
"I will hold them off while you get recovered." Said Jake.  The cuts had already been infected, and now with all the dirt they started swelling.
"Are you sure" said Niko
"yea I will be fine" I turn on the engine of the plane and Jake gets in. the engine started up and we where off. I started to think, what if we saw another survivor in Vegas? We would find out soon enough.
One thing that you need to know about flying.  It's easy to fly, but hard to land.  Its even harder without a runway. As the plain crashed into the middle of the street, I realized one house in this small neighborhood wasn't abandon.  As we crash landed, the two figures in a house disapp
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2012 -1-
The Start Of 2012
It was 2012 and I thought oh my gosh.  The end of the world came to fast.  I'm Donovan Perry, Donny for sort.  My mission is to destroy the zombie race once and for all.  Your probably asking why I am I doing this.  I know it sounds crazy well the reason I'm doing this is because I'm the last one.  By the last I mean the first.  I am the last on their list but I am the first hunted.  The reason the zombies hunt me is because im still alive. One of the youngest too. Im only thirteen and have survived thanks to my dad. My dad and some of his old friends have trained their kids to be marine soldiers when we grow up just like them. We all have been placed all over so we will track them down and fight our way to freedom.    
"Donny we gotta move" said my friend Niko.  A long groan filled the cold crisp morning air.  
"What was that?"  I said.
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in the middle-6- fan girls
Things seemed to settle down after that. The waiter was not to please with the broken chair, but who gives a crap? Kid went back to being a normal… well, kid.  He was obsessed with fixing my dress, which seemed to be oquard at times, but I tried not to notice it. The curtains flew open when the waitor rushed in, his clothes all torn to bits. His glasses, broken and crocked. I stood up to go help the man, and he fell into my arms. Soul and black*star rushed over to help, but kid stayed at the table horrified by his unsymmetricalness.  He was gasping for air, and he only got one word out that made all three boys step away. "F-fan girls!"  
"Kat come here now!" I had never heard soul speak so stearnly to me, so I got up leaving the poor man on the ground. Soul pulled me into his arms, and looked down at the man fearfully. "Did you tell them were we are?"  The man nodded tears filling his eyes. Black*star put his head in his hands and shook it b
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in the middle-5- the date
     "Kat!" I put down the book as my name  echoed through the hall.
       "what!" I yelled back at the boy walking into the bedroom. He had on a dark jacket unzipped completely, and no shirt was present. I sighed as he sat on the bed. "what is it?"
     "well," he started, combing his hand through his hair and looking the other way, "that we could… you know go out and… eat?"
     I paused for a short second, trying to understand the language he spoke, then suddenly realized… he just asked me out! I smiled quickly and then turned to him. "well of course yes! He stopped for a second, then smiled two,. I gave him a hug, then pulled him up on his feet. "but you have to leave now I have to get dressed , do hair, do make-up, take a shower!" I pushed him towards the door and shut it behind him.  
     "well uh…" he sta
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Ashes falling, swaying gently like fresh snow.
Thoughts explode my mind, but no words form.
Only an echo.
Then I hear them, softly at first.
But they grow.
Louder and louder until that's all I can hear.
Screams for help.
Screams of horror.
Screams of pain.
Oh, the pain.
Thousands of nameless bodies buried under the rubble.
What happened?
Why are these people crying?
Like a car, it hits me.
All of it.
The planes.
The explosions.
The towers.
The collapses of them both.
A tornado of emotions takes over me as I fall to my knees.
Anger, horror, disbelief, confusion.
I look around.
People, half covered in ashes, are running.
Running where, from what, or to I don't know.
Many things I don't know.
Only one word comes to mind.
Why us?
Why now?
A girl, a stranger, walks over and holds me.
Her sobs ring in my ears and soon mine join in.
Two strangers.
Brought together by this terrifying fate.
Two strangers.
That lost everything.
"Why?" the girl cries
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in the middle-4- fitting in
I heard my name getting called in the distance. Reality hit me like a brick to the head. Not to mention I felt like I got hit with a brick to the head. I slowly opened my eyes to see the boy I fell in love with over top of me. I paused for a second to let the memories flush back into my head.  Without notice I got pulled up.  My lips met his in a quick second as I still let my brain catch up to the moment. As soon as I realized what was happening my eyes widened for a second. Then I closed them. I have been waiting for this… I put my arms around him and smiled. He pulled my up off the ground. "Hey…" soul said as he looked down "about last night…"
    I quickly stopped him. "Its fine." I realized what he was talking about. I couldn't remember anything past that. I tilted my head to the side.
    "You kind off passed out. And so I changed your clothes since you seemed uncomfortable." I blushed hard. That wasn't th
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Mature content
kidnapped -3- :iconblackbutlergurl:blackbutlergurl 1 4
bRoKeN lOvE
Tears break agenst the ground knowing you're gone.
Is this real?
Is it pretend?
Where do I go now?
Will tomorrow ever come?
Will I survive the night?
I'm afraid to love.
To fall in love to fast.
Every time I fall in love
It never seems to last
When someone sweeps you off your feet
They're in a perfect position to drop you.
You have left me in the dark. ALONE
I don't want to be scared anymore
But you will always be my hero
Even though you have lost your mind.
And the possibility of being with you TOMORROW
Gives me the strength TODAY
I know you said you don't care
But you are still my EVERYTHING
And to see you happy loving her
Makes me fell about to die
And everything I do
Reminds me of you
And I made this whole poem for you…
But the truth is…
I mIsS O MoRe ThAn WoRdS cAn SaY
-Special someone
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in the middle-3-confesion
The road was well bumpy. I felt at first I was going to regret moving to death city. As I stared up at his face, I could tell he was happy I was here with him. I could tell he was happy I got to live with him. I could tell her was happy I.
      "Uh hey Kat are you ok?"  Soul spoke so calmly I wanted to kiss him, but I couldn't. I didn't want to risk this.
      "Uh yah sorry." I started blushing after I realized I was staring. I felt so stupid. I couldn't keep my eyes off him though. As we pulled dup to a small apartment complex, I realized how he had skipped school. Odd I thought.
     "Did you say something?" soul asked smiling. It was a crooked smile making me more and more tempted to ask for his thoughts. His feelings behind that undetermined face of his. Changing expression constantly. Wanting to know his feelings… about me.
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Something in his face told me he just wasn't normal. I wanted to believe he was, with all my heart, but the way he stared at me from across the room….
      "Jacob, what's wrong?" I asked my boyfriend as we walked down the hall of my friend's house.
       "Nothing." His face was bland. I wanted to believe him, but I couldn't. His normally happy face was clouded with fear and misery I couldn't stop staring at him. He glanced up and saw that I was confused and sad myself. "Hey I said it was nothing so it's nothing ok?" I look a step back at the anger let out in his voice. Was there something he wasn't telling me? With that I clenched my fists in frustration and walked outside of the party.
      The cool morning air filled up my lungs. As I breathed out I let out a small sigh. It was Halloween. Well, technically the day after being 3 is, and Jacob was angry. I looked up
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United States
im not your typical "i broke a nail" type girl. im a die hard tomboy. pants are always an option. you will only see me in a dress if my mom forces me to. im a video game addict. im talking mortal kombat black ops all those new games and im always looking for some action i dont sit around waiting. i do. i play. i win. so if you WANT to get in my way? ok fine your choice. you want to play the game? dont expect to win. im like charlie sheen. winning. tiger blood. droopy eyed armless kids. (ok that was random...)

Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: i pod
Shell of choice: sea shell... dur
Favourite cartoon character: soul eater evan
Personal Quote: i admit, im not the sharpest knife in the... place where they keep the knives
well i cut meh hair!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

and NO willow i do NOT look blad. thanks for asking.

ANYWAYS, i did it myself. yah ur probally thinking: OH WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? but yah i did it myself and i look great.blah. anyways, im glad that my hair is shorter, bc now its easyer to handle. aLOT leasyer to handle.

does anyone remeber when i was in 5th grade and my hair use to be more wild than my attitude? NOT ANYMORE!!!! ha ha!!!! I WIN!
  • Listening to: the beat of my broken heart
  • Eating: nothing, I'm fasting



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